The Wine Dine Dictionary

Good Food and Good Wine: An A–Z of Suggestions for Happy Eating and Drinking

Victoria Moore

Published: 11 May 2017
Hardback, Other
170x240mm, 400 pages
ISBN: 9781783782093


'With apologies to Jamie and Nigella - The Wine Dine Dictionary is going to be my new kitchen bible. It should probably be yours, too' Metro

'Unbelievably useful' India Knight

'This work of genius means you'll ALWAYS know which wine goes with which food' Marina O'Loughlin

Want to pick the perfect wine for dinner? Wondering what to eat with a special bottle? Let The Wine Dine Dictionary be your guide. Arranged A-Z by food at one end and A-Z by wine at the other, this unique handbook will help you make more informed, more creative, and more delicious choices about what to eat and drink.

As one of the country's most popular and influential wine journalists, as well as an expert in the psychology of smell and taste, Victoria Moore doesn't just explain what goes with what, but why and how the combination works, too. Written with her trademark authority, warmth and wit, this is a book to consult and to savour.

About the author

Image of Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore has been writing about drinking since 1998 when she began a column in the New Statesman. She has since written for the Daily Mail and the Guardian, and is now the wine correspondent for the Telegraph. She lives in London. More about the author


‘A brilliant book: intelligent, accessible, and incredibly useful. This is my new "go to" bible for planning a meal’ Diana Henry



‘A characteristically unpretentious (no Pinot Grigio bashing for her) but immensely knowledgeable guide to matching food and wine... Briliant’ Caroline Sanderson

‘A gloriously breezy read from one of our best wine writers, this A-Z of dishes and wines packs in loads of information and should be everybody's go-to book for bullseye food and drink pairings’ Kate Hawking

‘A go-to guru on all liquid refreshments’

‘A proper go-to wine book stuffed with detail and brilliant ideas, I devoured it in one sitting and have been going back for seconds ever since’ Helen McGinn, author

‘A truly brilliant book... the wonderful Wine Dine Dictionary is a book for all levels of wine "expert" - whether you love nothing better than a cut-price supermarket rosé or regularly splash out on all collectible vintages... If you love eating or drinking - or both - The Wine Dine Dictionary will quickly become absolutely indispensable... Word to the wise: it's also a gift that will be appreciated by just about everyone’

‘Accessible, entertaining... It's an invaluable oenophile's encyclopaedia for all kinds of wine-drinker’

‘For a perfectly balanced wedding-day feast, learn how to pair food and wine with The Wine Dine Dictionary

‘Full of valuable, well-founded information. Perfect!’ Michel Roux Jr

‘How can you not love a book that recommends drinking a Rhone syrah with rillettes on one page and Earl Grey tea or an Islay whisky with kippers on another page?’ Sybil Kapoor

‘I can't think which is the better place to keep The Wine Dine Dictionary, in the kitchen or beside my bed, but either way it's an essential buy for any cook or wine-lover and a brilliant read’ Fiona Beckett

‘If you find the prospect of choosing the correct wines to serve with specific dishes mildly terrifying, then wine writer Victoria Moore's new book, The Wine Dine Dictionary may just be the thing to get you out of a hole. It's hard to understand why nobody has produced a book such as this before now, as it does a mean job of demystifying the hocus-pocus around wine and food matching, and delivering its information in a hugely readable and accessible fashion... Written with authority, warmth and wit, and [it] emanates from the starting point that putting food together with wine is supposed to be fun’ Katy McGuinness

‘It is an unparalleled piece of work and I dived in with relish. The science-nerd in me loved the technical background to the complexities of taste and the writing is as delicious as the produce she describes. I shall keep it close by my elbow in the kitchen to act as a knowledgeable friend in pairing wine and food’ Jessica Seaton, author

‘Like having a knowledgeable, yet non-judgemental sommelier by your side... Interspersed with tempting recipes and insider tips from wine-makers, this is your ultimate guide to all things grape’ Lucy Foster

‘Moore is one of the best wine writers of her generation... The book [...] breaks new ground with interesting entries from leading producers about what they like to eat with their own wines. These are often enlightening... The writing [and] the layout [are] both impressive... Wine and food lovers will find much to enjoy and agree with here’ Tim Atkin

‘Moore, in her excellent new book The Wine Dine Dictionary, is illuminating on appreciating the scent of wine, noting that it is now claimed "that we can discriminate between more than one trillion different smells, making the nose arguably more discerning than the eyes or the ears"’ Susy Atkins

‘Moore's credentials are impeccable - she is an award-winning win writer and columnist, and her Dictionary is one of those ideas so brilliantly simple that it seems incredible no one has thought of it before... I've owned Moore's Dictionary only a few days, but I already know it will become one of my most-used kitchen reference books... [Moore's] combination of serious expertise and delight in the vast range of experience offered by wine and food is so playful and knowledgeable that you would have to be very grand indeed not to love it’ Jane Shilling

‘Such practical, down-to-earth advice is invaluable and means - with apologies to Jamie and Nigella - The Wine Dine Dictionary is going to be my new kitchen bible. It should probably be yours too’ Claire Coleman

‘This is a fantastic, beautifully written and researched book on how to choose a wine that won't clash with your palate’

‘This work of genius means you'll ALWAYS know which wine goes with which food’ Marina O'Loughlin

‘Unbelievably useful’ India Knight

‘Unbelievably useful’ India Knight

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