The Likes Of Us

A Biography Of The White Working Class

Michael Collins

Published: 6 June 2005
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781862077782


Once they were portrayed as the salt of the earth. Nowadays, they take to the streets when paedophiles and asylum seekers are in their midst; they expose their lives in TV documentaries; they love Gucci and hate the Euro; the broadsheets cast them as xenophobes and exhibitionists and mock their tastes and attitudes. But who are the white working class and what have they done to deserve this portrayal? The Likes of Us is a fascinating and wholly original examination of London's white working class.

About the author

Image of Michael Collins

Michael Collins has worked as a journalist, scriptwriter and producer. He journalism has appeared in the Observer, Guardian, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Literary Review, Independent and the New Statesman. His television credits include writing the Channel Four documentaries The Battersea Bardot (1994) and The National Alf (1994), as well as writing and presenting The British Working Class (2005) on Channel 4 and The Great Estate (2011) on BBC 2. His book The Like of Us won the 2005 Orwell Prize. In 2014, he wrote and presented the BBC 4 documentary Everyday Eden. More about the author

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