The Collector of Leftover Souls

Eliane Brum

Published: 7 November 2019
Trade Paperback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9781846276644

About the author

Image of Eliane Brum

Eliane Brum (born 1966) is a Brazilian journalist, writer and documentarist. She writes regularly for El País and the Guardian and has won more than 40 international awards for reporting, among them the Premio Rey de España and the Inter American Associated Press Award. She is the author of a novel - Uma Duas (published in English by Amazon Crossing as One Two) -- three non-fiction books and a collection of her newspaper columns. She is also the director/ co-director of three documentaries: Severina's Story, Gretchen Filme Estrada and, most recently, Laerte-Se, about the transgender cartoonist for Netflix. She lives in Brazil. More about the author


‘Eliane Brum makes her English debut with a profoundly challenging collection of portraits detailing the lives of those who are othered by mainstream Brazilian society and the dominant global order that feeds it. She asks us on every page to contemplate the privileged gaze-hers as well as our own-and to consider how it might be transformed into art and, ultimately, action’ Francisco Cantú, author of



‘Eliane Brum writes about displaced people, rich, poor, middle-class, and especially about the fate of men and women in the heart of the Amazon forest. People who live in the favelas, gold miners, a woman dying of cancer, a man dying of asbestos poisoning, the residents of a retirement home-all of these are presented as human instances, individual fates set against the wider world of Brazilian politics, mores, and each person's unique spiritual and material needs. Never are the people in her essays reduced to 'problems.' Never are they shorn of their own strangeness to make a point. Never are they used to bolster some political abstraction. Never do they appear in terms that they themselves wouldn't recognize, for better and worse. Her vision of human beings isn't tainted by buzzwords or what she or they ought to feel. Her sympathies are broad, nuanced, and humaneTom Sleigh, author of

‘Good journalism consists of knowing how to choose what is relevant to tell, that which confronts us with our most important conflicts. But the compromise of great journalism goes further. It has to do with form, with finding the narrative voice, the point of view, and the tone to tell it. Eliane Brum has it all and is a unique voice that understands the Brazil of today’ Juan Pablo Villalobos, author of

‘Indefatigable... There is a deep sense of outrage and indignation in Brum's work... Brum's attentive listening sheds light on the human condition’

‘This immersive tale of a journey through many-voiced, many-forested Brazil is achingly humane, beautifully written, and essential to our understanding of why the Earth is our greatest wealth’ Kapka Kassabova

‘With lyricism and heart, renowned journalist Eliane Brum draws us into the lives of everyday Brazilians and their stories, until we see not one Brazil but many, each filled with nuance, contradictions, color, beauty and life. Brum's empathic, unflinching reporting bears witness to her subjects' loves and losses, their seething anger and their extraordinary grace. Thanks to Brum, the forgotten are remembered, the voiceless have a storyteller, and the meek have inherited a vast and irreducible space in our collective imagination’ Frances de Pontes Peebles, author of

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