Rules for Visiting

Jessica Francis Kane

Published: 6 June 2019
Trade Paperback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781783784646

About the author

Image of Jessica Francis Kane

Jessica Francis Kane is author of an acclaimed story collection, Bending Heaven (Chatto, 2002). Her work has appeared in a number of US publications, including McSweeney's, The Missouri Review, and Michigan Quarterly Review. She lives in New York with her husband and two children. More about the author


‘[Has a] deep charm... ruminative’



Rules for Visiting is a sweet book. I devoured it...If you do read one happy book in the morass of depressing lit which exists then Rules for Visiting is perfect’

Charming, lovely, funny and relevant’

‘A lovely, deceptively simple novel’

‘A voyage of self-discovery . . . [a] subtle, wryly funny and warm-hearted study of friendship’ Simple Things Magazine

‘An elegant and deeply moving meditation on friendship, family, and life on earth. Rules for Visiting is a wonderful novel’ Emily St. John Mandel, author

‘An engaging and compassionate portrait of how a root-bound, constricted life can begin to bloom. Drawing inspiration from mythic sources, Kane explores the power of friendship and of our connection to the natural world. Her descriptions of plants are transporting’ Madeline Miller, author

‘Jessica Francis Kane has written a vivid, elegant and masterfully constructed novel about friendship and neighbors and our own personal odysseys. This is a deeply smart book, one I had difficulty putting down. There is real wisdom in these pages’ Stuart Nadler, author

‘Jessica Francis Kane's novel will win your heart: Single, melancholy, resourceful, May Attaway, the 40-year-old protagonist of Rules for Visiting, sets out on travels to rekindle her oldest friendships, and thereby to find herself. Wry, witty, ultimately uplifting, this gem of a novel celebrates the gifts in our ordinary lives’ Claire Messud, author

‘Jessica Francis Kane's precise and moving Rules For Visiting is an altogether new sort of friendship novel, one about friendships stretched to their limits over time and space, the sort of friendships so many of us count as our closest. Kane's gift for describing beauty and loneliness, the real stuff of life, is unparalleledEmma Straub, author

‘Reveals the power and limitations of modern day friendships’

‘There's a wonderful richness here in every sentence-a lyric and ambling directness that immediately feels like visiting with an old friend, and applied to an ordinariness that soon becomes sublime with topics that go anywhere and then always back to the cure this narrator is in search of: a remedy for her hesitation with life, that feels like a much larger disappointment, almost global. The novel, you soon realize, is perhaps the remedy she searches for, and you almost wish you could give it to her. But take this home with you, as this, this is for usAlexander Chee, author

‘Told in clean, rigorous prise that neither sensationalises not sentimentalises... this novel blooms in you like a flower

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