Marc Bojanowski

Published: 5 May 2016
Trade Paperback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 176 pages
ISBN: 9781783782512

About the author

Image of Marc Bojanowski

Marc Bojanowski graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and received his MFA in creative writing from the New School. His writing has appeared in The Literary Review and Granta. His first novel, The Dog Fighter, was published in 2004. More about the author


Journeyman is a quiet novel with unexpected depths about morality and modern masculinity’ Anne Goodwin



Journeyman so beguiled me in the first third with its textured landscapes and subtle handling of its protagonist that... arriving finally at the redemptive ending I was glad to have been along for the ride... Bojanowski is a clever and serious writer, careful to load and layer every word of his second novel... Journeyman is an oddly sweet and romantic piece, with a crooked-smile of a love story running through it and a protagonist straight out of a rom-com [...] Imagine if Nicholas Spark and Bret Easton Ellis did a team up.’ Victoria Hoyle

‘A rich [...] seam of allegorical meaningfulness run[s] through this pleasing tale’ Joseph Crilly

‘Rich with internal allusions, its language is so planed down in places that the oblique sometimes verges on the opaque. The result draws us in to the sort of search for meaningful connections that the brothers undertake. The book succeeds in giving substance to a tempered, folksy wisdom - that sometimes the greatest consolation we can offer, or hope for, in a fleeting world "ain't knowing what to say" but "just being there not knowing how to say it".’ Alex Blasdel

‘Set in 2007, Bojanowski's novel catches America almost at a tipping point. The good times are still rolling but we know they're about to end... the war in Afghanistan is raging but Cosmo and Nolan are still suffering the fallout of another war many considered ill-advised, their childhood coloured by their father's experience in Vietnam and its effect on him. These two themes are subtly woven through the novel, ever present but never overshadowing it. Nolan's character is perceptively drawn, his taciturnity and determination to keep to the edges of other people's lives expressed in spare almost terse but beautifully crafted prose. Bojanowski has a nice line in sharp observations... It's an absorbing read, and rewarding with it... The ending raised a smile.’ Susan Osborne for blog

‘There is so much to appreciate in this gripping and richly-textured story about searching for meaning in the 21st century American West. Every sentence is a pleasure, each scene is memorable, every conversation a gem. The landscape through which Nolan journeys is depicted with a keen precision, the characters and their predicaments are rendered with an unsentimental tenderness, and the themes this story explores are both timeless and very timely. Journeyman is a masterful novel’ Jean Hegland, author

‘This finding-yourself novel follows carpenter Nolan Jackson, who goes from building tract homes in the American West to building foundations of a meaningful life after he has an unexpected accident. Let yourself go and enjoy’

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