Janice Galloway

Published: 7 February 2019
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 240 pages
ISBN: 9781847086679

About the author

Image of Janice Galloway

JANICE GALLOWAY's previous books include the novels The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, which won the 1990 MIND Book of the Year Award, Foreign Parts, which won the 1994 McVitie's Prize, and Clara, which won the 2004 Saltire Book of the Year Award. She is also the author of two collections of short stories. Janice Galloway lives and works in Glasgow. More about the author


‘An exquisite short story collection’



‘From one of Britain's best writers... With sharp observation and occasional shocking wit, Jellyfish's 16 stories take on the most intimate stuff of life: sex, sexuality, parenthood, ambition and death...riveting

‘Galloway is an expert storyteller...Poignant and often darkly funny [it] is brutally, exquisitely observed... There are terrific character pieces, linguistic snapshots and heartfelt commentary. It's all written with tremendous precision and poise, with truly deep understanding of human psychology, and with enormous empathy for the ordinary, damaged characters Galloway spends time with. Moving stuffDoug Johnstone

‘Galloway strips away some of our comforting illusions and confronts us with our weaknesses, our fears and our fallibility’

‘Part of the joy of these stories is Galloway's writing...a lovely [and] thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful, wryly amusing yet often poignant collection’

‘Pictures, sometimes beautiful, sometimes startling... a gift for the unforeseen and illuminating phrase’

‘The characters [are] beautifully pressed into print’

‘These stories of sex, parenthood and love - from women in a psychiatric ward to a spurned lover burning their partners possessions - are raw, real and beautifully written

‘This is a short story collection to savour, by one of the foremost Scottish writers of her generation’

‘Thoughtful, accurate, sorrowful, dark, infinitely tender, angry, memorable’

‘Thoughtful, observant tales threaded with a sense of unease, and with an emotional eloquence that touches deeply... Superbly craftedAlastair Mabbot

‘With this electrifying volume Galloway proves herself a truly powerful writer who deserves to be much better known’

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