A fully up-to-date listing of where you can meet Granta Books' authors in the coming months.


28/09/2014, 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Philip Marsden on Rising Ground at Blenheim Palace Literary Festival
Award-winning travel writer and novelist Philip Marsden explores why we react so strongly to certain places. Marsden was inspired to write his new book, Rising Ground, after moving to a remote creek-side farmhouse in Cornwall. He was taken aback by the intensity of his response to the place, and this led him to explore why we react so strongly to places and why layers of mythology build up around particular features in the landscape. His journey took him to the Neolithic landscape of Bodmin Moor, to Arthurian Tintagel, and to the granite tors of the far south-west. Marsden, a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, is author of several works of travel, fiction and non-fiction including The Bronski House, The Spirit-Wrestlers, and The Levelling Sea.
Blenheim Palace Literary Festival, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PP

28/09/2014, 12pm - 1pm
Amy Sackville & Cynan Jones at Marlborough Literature Festival
Amy Sackville & Cynan Jones in conversation for the "Hiscox Young Authors" event at Marlborough Literature Festival. Orkney is a bewitching new novel from Amy Sackville, the prize-winning author of The Still Point. A curiously matched couple arrive on their honeymoon. He an eminent literature professor, she his pale, enigmatic star pupil. Alone beneath the shifting skies of this untethered landscape, the professor realises how little he knows about his new bride as she slips ever further from his obsessive grasp. Amy's first novel won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, was longlisted for the Orange Prize, and shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize, the Author's Club Best First Novel Award and the BBC Culture Show's 12 Best New Novelists. The Dig by Cynan Jones is a searing short novel, built of the interlocking fates of a badger-baiter and a disconsolate farmer, unfolding in a stark rural setting where man, animal, land and weather are at loggerheads. Their two paths converge with tragic inevitability. Jones writes of the simple rawness of animal existence with a naturalist's unblinking eye. This is a real rural ride. It is short, but crackles with latent compressed energy that makes it swell to fill more space than at first glance it occupies. His previous novel The Long Dry won a Betty Trask Award in 2007.
Marlborough Literature Festival, 132 High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN81HN

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