A fully up-to-date listing of where you can meet Granta Books' authors in the coming months.


19/09/2015, 4.15pm
Blackwell's Oxford Presents…The Big Discussion with Caspar Henderson
What is wonder? In an age where some would argue that far fewer aspects of life and the Universe are as mysterious to us as they used to be, what is there left to make the human mind gape with surprise or swim with awe at the vast majesty of the world? Unsurprisingly, it turns out that there are a great many phenomena and experiences - scientific, artistic, emotional - which can still astonish us. In this far-ranging discussion, we bring together Roman Krznaric, author of The Wonderbox, Empathy, and How To Find Fulfilling Work; Caspar Henderson, author of 'The Book of Barely Imagined Beings' as well as a forthcoming book on the topic of Wonder itself; and Rebecca Abrams, author of Touching Distance and The Playful Self. They will investigate wonder in different fields, traversing some beautiful and intriguing territory as they do so. This will be a discussion not to be missed! The Oxford Alumni Office has a long-standing partnership with Blackwell's and Alumni Card-holders are entitled to a 15% discount on all purchases, both online and in store, including at the Blackwell's mini bookshop during the Alumni Weekend.
Saïd Business School, Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HP


13/10/2015, 7pm
Coastlines: Patrick Barkham at Mr B's Emporium
Forget Hawaii, Thailand, Spain even, there's no need to travel the world in search of a pretty beach when the British Isles is blessed with an impressive 10,800 miles of stunning shoreline. In "Coastlines", natural historian and journalist Patrick Barkham explores and celebrates The Neptune Coast: 742 miles of the most beautiful shorelines of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, all owned by The National Trust. With Patrick's poetic informative prose as our guide, we are lead on a series of engaging thematic walks which introduce these distinctive shore-side landscapes; from the chalky cliff-tops of Dover to Dunwich's rugged heaths, from tree-lined coast paths of The Carrick Roads to Whiteford Burrows' sandy dunes. Join us and the author of "The Butterfly Isles" and "Badgerlands" for a night beside the sea (from the comfort of the bibliotherapy room) as we discover the rocks, plants and animals; the views, pathways and history; and the people who have made their lives within the sound of the waves along Britain's dramatic coastline. No bucket and spade required, seaside snacks will be provided!
Mr B's Emporium, 14/15 John Street, Bath, BA1 2JL

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