Days of Awe

A.M. Homes

Published: 6 June 2019
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781847083265

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Published: 5 July 2018
Hardback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781847083258

Trade Paperback

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Published: 7 June 2018
Trade Paperback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781783784820

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About the author

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A. M. Homes is the author of the novels,This Book Will Save Your Life, Music for Torching, The End of Alice, In a Country of Mothers and Jack, and two collections of short stories, Things You Should Know and The Safety of Objects and the highly acclaimed memoir, The Mistress's Daughter, as well as the travel memoir, Los Angeles: People, Places and the Castle on the Hill. She is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and writes frequently on arts and culture for numerous magazines and newspapers. She lives in New York City. More about the author


‘[Her] best stories are original and destabilising, at once melancholy and absurd... As ingenious as everHannah Rosefield



Breathtakingly accurate satire and laser-cut portraits of American life from a seriously heavyweight author whose snapshots remained etched on the retinas’ ES Magazine

Storytelling of the most exquisite kind - insightful, observant, wickedly funny and revealing of the human heart in all its complexity’ Helena Kennedy QC

SuperbTim Smith-Laing

‘At turns surreal, dark and occasionally - in one case literally - uplifting, there's plenty of acerbic wit in this collection by a mistress of the genre. Awe-inspiring Jaine Blackman

‘Homes is a devastating satirist and many a passage is wickedly sharp... funny... The humour is complicated by a wistfulness and yearning , a lostness and sorrow, that's fruitfully inclusive’ Lionel Shriver

‘Homes is one of the most provocative of American writers, and these stories are sure to be just as impressiveSummer Books round up selected by John Boyne

‘Homes is... at her merciless satirical best in skewering the comedy of disappointment and dread, the squirm of self indulgence and self-justification'’ Tessa Hadley

‘Homes's dialogue is sharp, clever and often darkly funny Eithne Farry

‘Homes's dialogue is sharp, clever and often darkly funnyEithne Farry

‘Homes's keen ear for speech highlights the challenges of communicating’ Keziah Weir

‘Puts a surreal slant on everyday America and celebrates the psyche at its most bizarre... Brilliantly biting storiesMadeleine Kingsley

‘The corporeal body takes centre stage throughout [and] a distinctive black humour abounds... "Handle with care" is the warning that springs to mind’ Lucy Scholes

‘The direct, acerbic writing here feels enjoyably characteristic of [Homes'] whole oeuvre...She narrates the stories in a pacy present tense, energised by amusing quips and details’ Lara Feigel

‘These defiantly comic stories are like postcards from contemporary America’ Summer Books

‘These stories offer rich rewardsSuzi Feay

‘Unusually for a short story collection, Homes never misses a hit. That said, 'A Prize for Every Player'[...]is a particular triumphKatie Welsh

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