Will Boast

Published: 3 January 2019
Paperback, B Format
ISBN: 9781783781515

Other Editions

Trade Paperback

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Published: 8 February 2018
Trade Paperback, Demy HB
138x216mm, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781847088352

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Daphne suffers from a rare medical condition; her body shuts down when she feels strong emotions. As a result she has built strong walls between herself and the world, avoiding passion, anger, disappointment and surprise. But when she meets Ollie, who seems to see through her armour, who seems to want to know the real Daphne, her carefully built defences begin to crumble.

In this gripping and tender modern myth, Will Boast explores the unexamined assumptions we make about our bodies and our relationships through the prism of a soulful contemporary love story.

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