Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Reflections On Death And Dignity

Studs Terkel

Published: 10 April 2003
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 432 pages
ISBN: 9781862075603


We will all die. Yet modern culture fears and avoids the subject of death. This book deals sensitively with a universal experience. Studs Terkel explores the ultimate human experience, that of death and the possibility of life afterward. Death is the one experience we all share but cannot know. In Will the Circle be Unbroken?, a wide range of people address the final experience and its impact on the present in which we live. As well as the elderly and the sick, Terkel uses his talent to draw on the experiences of those who work closely with the dying - paramedics, police, firefighters, doctors and the recently bereaved. In talking about the ultimate and unknowable culmination of our lives, these people give voice to their deepest beliefs and hopes, reflecting on the lives they have led and what still lies before them. The result is a universal and moving account of death and religion.

About the author

Image of Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel was born in Chicago in 1912. He is the author of many books of oral history, including Will The Circle Be Unbroken? and Hope Dies Last, both published by Granta Books. He won the Pulitzer Prize for "The Good War" in 1985, and received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Book Critics Circle in 2004. He was a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He died in 2008. More about the author

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