Shamrock Tea

Ciaran Carson

Published: 29 March 2001
Hardback, Other
145x195mm, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781862073982

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Published: 7 March 2002
Paperback, B Format
126x198mm, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781862074804


Shamrock tea is a magical substance that allows people to see things not given to ordinary mortals. They can sense colours and sounds more vividly; they can penetrate the surface of paintings; they can cross time. The narrator, his cousin and a strange Belgian friend know that their lives are ruled mysteriously by the great van Eyck painting, the Arnolfini portrait, and they have travelled in dream-like moments through the painting into other times. They discover that each moment is connected to every other. But in the strange world of Shamrock Tea, no story can be straightforward. With a cast of characters that includes the gardener Ludwig Wittgenstein, this book will intrigue and entrance.


‘This is one of those volumes which shimmer on the shelf. He gives the reader an opal-bright insight into the world not to come but through the looking-glass’



‘A heady brew, both as a book and as a drink. Carson writes like a poet who can weave and bind his words together with such rhythm that his prose seems to slide off the page’

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