How To Read Derrida

Penelope Deutscher

Published: 3 October 2005
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 128 pages
ISBN: 9781862077683


'Deconstruction is not neutral. It intervenes' Jacques Derrida

An idiosyncratic and highly controversial French philosopher, Jacques Derrida inspired profound changes in disciplines as diverse as law, anthropology, literature and architecture. In Derrida's view, texts and contexts are woven with inconsistencies and blindspots that provide us with a chance to think in new ways about, among other things, language, community, identity and forgiveness. Derrida's suggestions for 'how to read' lead to a new vision of ethics and a new concept of responsibility.

Penelope Deutscher discusses extracts from the full range of Derrida's work, including Of Grammatology, Dissemination, Limited Inc, The Other Heading: Reflections on Europe, Monolinguism of the Other, Given Time and Force of Law.

About the author

Image of Penelope Deutscher

Penelope Deutscher is Professor of Philosophy at Northwestern University, Illinois. As well as How to Read Derrida, her books include A Politics of Impossible Difference: The Later Work of Luce Irigaray and The Philosophy of Simone de Beauvoir: Ambiguity, Conversion, Resistance. More about the author

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