Gee Williams

Published: 6 July 2009
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 224 pages
ISBN: 9781847081087


Sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are the ones we most want to hear. On the brink of scandal, five characters bound by marriage, friendship and lust attempt to rescue what is most important to them. Through their interwoven narratives, Gee Williams deftly explores the dangers of our personal fictions in a dark, compelling mystery that begins on a stretch of the desolate Welsh coast, when Elly Kent discovers a ring - with a finger still attached - washed up on a beach. Written in the brilliantly vivid vernacular of everyday lives, Salvage is a taut, engrossing study of betrayal, self-justification and the consequences of rewriting the past.


‘An adept and thought-provoking study of what it really means to "write fiction", there is certainly much to be salvaged from this unpredictable first novel’



‘Gee Williams's first novel splits into six disparate parts centred around five different narrators. The ring is largely forgotten while the plot develops around two failing marriages and an adulterous liaison between an aneurysm expert and a Cosmo-reading nurse. Williams supports the sudden shifts in perspective with some well-defined vernacular voices’ Michael England

‘There is plenty to enjoy in this unguarded debut ... The mystical and mundane lock horns in an unconventional exploration of betrayal and loss’ Emma Hagestadt

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