'Exterminate All The Brutes'

One Man's Odyssey Into The Heart Of Darkness And The Origins Of European Genocide

Sven Lindqvist

Published: 4 October 2018
Paperback, B Format
ISBN: 9781847081988


In a chilling and controversial book, Swedish author Sven Lindqvist recounts the grisly history of nineteenth-century European imperialism and its connection to a legacy of genocide. Moving through present-day Africa while tracing the routes of British conquerors, Lindqvist tells how armed troops massacred 11,000 Sudanese (at a 'cost' of only forty-eight British deaths) in 1898 and how the King of Ashanti was made to kiss the feet of British officers in 1896. Lindqvist doesn't stop in Africa, writing of the extermination of the Tasmanian aborigines and other atrocities inflicted on native people. He then connects those acts with those of the Nazi regime, showing how rampant imperialism sowed the seeds of the Holocaust. This is a moving account of the forces of history.

About the author

Image of Sven Lindqvist

Sven Lindqvist was born in Stockholm in 1932 and still lives there. He has travelled extensively through Asia, Africa and Latin America. He is the author of thirty books, including A History of Bombing, Exterminate All the Brutes and Desert Divers, shortlisted for the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award. More about the author

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